Lead Generation


The Right Leads, The Right Way

All businesses need a consistent, quality flow of new leads to survive; however, generating a sufficient quantity of the RIGHT type of leads is one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face!

Not sure if your advertising works or if your media choice is effective?

Our professionally managed Lead Generation solutions can answer that question and more. By using the correct type of advertising and using the right direct marketing tools you will be able to measure everything.

Sales, has become more of a science than ever before, and if you're not using a lead generation system, you're likely losing marketshare and sales to your competitors who are. Consumers take time to make buying decisions and our Lead Generation process will help to nurture your customers through the funnel from prospect to loyal customer.

Links uses a Life Cycle Marketing process to provide you with an integrated solution that works with your existing marketing plan and will:

  1. attract traffic 
  2. capture leads 
  3. nurture prospects 
  4. convert sales 
  5. satisfy customers and
  6. get referrals. 

Our Lead Generation Strategic Planning may include some or all of the following elements:

  • Establishing Measurable Objectives 
  • Customer Profiling and Analysis 
  • List Procurement and Development 
  • Media Planning and Acquisition 
  • Email Campaign Development 
  • Custom Landing Pages 
  • Targeted Communication Strategies 
  • Measurement and Reporting

Start generating qualified leads today and turn them into prospects that you can convert to valuable, loyal customers!